Philpott Energy is focused on providing its employees, customers, suppliers, partners and neighbors a zero-incident culture. Safety is a core value within our company, and we expect nothing but safety excellence from our team. We focus on continuously improving personal safety, process safety, health programs, and facility and employee security through training, tools and resources, awareness activities and compliance programs.

Goal Zero captures the belief that we can operate without injuries or significant incidents despite the often-difficult conditions in which we operate. To support this goal, we continue to roll out initiatives to strengthen our safety culture by improving the safety leadership skills of staff, simplifying our requirements and rewarding successful performance.

Finally, our successful safety process starts with the involvement of everyone from the executive team to hourly workers in a systematic and continual focus on hazard recognition and mitigation. Our commitment to safety extends to the products that we sell. We identify and manage risks through proper product design, handling procedures and operating practices to provide the appropriate level of safety for people and the environment.